Helpful Chatbot: Sectors those are helpful with Chatbot

Firstly, what is Chabot? How it is helpful for B2B?

Chatbot is like a human sitting on a website and handle the visitors who are visit on the website for knowing regarding the product/company.

Chatbots are a form of ‘intelligent assistant’ technology, like Google assistant or Siri. Historically, they have been focused on one specific task within an organization.

Chatbots can answer effectively an unlimited amount of web users at the same time. They are automated, provide 24/7 support, and are a cheaper option then paying employees to monitor enquiries. Response time is instant- in any time zone. They can chat for hours without the need of human supervision.

People ask anything to the BOT regarding to that website. People have to search everything on the Chatbot if website has that. Chatbot is very helpful for all B2B business.

More and more companies are using Chabot services. Chat bots can help in streamlining processes and determining what is important to our clients.

We’ve seen a lot of different industries using chatbots for different use-cases, so we’ve decided to identify the top industrial adopters of chatbots and how companies in these industries have used them.

1. E-Commerce

Chatbots offer a huge potential for ecommerce. Many ecommerce websites have heavy traffic, and one of the biggest challenges is personalizing the shopping experience for a high volume of customers.

Ecommerce chatbots are designed to help speed up the customer’s purchase, offer product recommendations and provide customer service and support. While an ecommerce chatbot is busy handling these tasks, the human agents can focus on solving complex customer issues that a chatbot is not yet equipped to address.

2. Health/Medicine

Health — is one the most important things in our lives. You can be a successful person but without health, it makes no sense. Today people are very busy and have no time to visit a doctor to check their symptoms.

Health Tap — is a chatbot that you can tell certain symptoms and it will give your doctor’s advice.

For example: You write “I have a sore throat and headache” and it responds you “Sounds like you are coming down with a cold, drink plenty of fluids and rest”.

3. Banking

Banks have typically been early adopters of most new technologies that have gone on to achieve widespread commercial success. So when Artificial Intelligence became viable for enterprises, it was only a matter of time before banks turned to AI for smarter automation solutions to meet the ever-growing expectations of customers!

Chatbots have seen a lot of interest and have been implemented over the years. Chatbots are AI enabled conversational interfaces. Bots can conduct smart and compelling conversations on behalf of the bank with millions of consumers, at a fraction of the cost. They promise to enhance the bank’s customer’s experience and their approachability.

4. Hospitality

Hotel chatbot: “Welcome to Hotel ABC! What can I help you with?”

Visitor: “What are your lowest room tariffs?”

Hotel chatbot: “How many guests would there be?”

Visitor: “One”

Hotel chatbot: “Our tariffs start at [dollar amount] per night, for a single bed room. You can also take a look at our other options below, sorted in ascending order of price per night.”

Chatbots can make the customer experience personal without any cost of hiring any human. The point of attraction of the Brands can be that Chatbots which allows personalized interaction that the people especially millennial would expect. Chatbots are not only good for the restaurant staff in reducing work and pain but can provide a better user experience for the customers.

5. Finance

The Chatbot secures a higher number of registrations and helps with recruiting new customers. Engage potential customers online with the chatbot. Chatbots are helping finance and accounting departments across the world fill the gaps left behind by document process automation solutions.

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