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What is an AIM-Bot ?

AIM-Bot can be your marketing person getting all the database of your potential customers(Meon) with specific locations and domain and can send customized mails to them with your zero point one manual effort (costing less than your one person).

AI Crawler

Get every details of companies like Meon through internet(Maps, linked in etc) based on Location(City/State/Country) and Industry Vertical. It uses Intelligent Web Scrapping.

  • Send One to One Email from your business email id.
  • Customized Mail with Ability to attach a document.
  • Send thousands of mail daily.

Makes Company like Meon Database

Sector/City Data Hotel & Restaurants in New York
Company Name Crowne Plaza Ace Hotel
Website URL www.crowneplaza.com www.acehotel.com
Phone & Email shop@acehotel.com,
Tel: 212.679.2222
+1 212-977-4000,
About Us and key Contacts Ace Hotel is a collection of individuals —multiple and inclusive. Crowne Plaza is a multinational chain of full service,upscale hotels headquartered in United Kingdom

Key Features

  • Get every filtered info of companies with selected region and type of business.
  • Validate the info from websites like linked in, twitter and fb etc.
  • It works automatically with just one click.
  • Send one to one automatic mails from your mail ID.
  • Send the customized mail with brochures and info.
  • No manual effort is required.
  • Get employee details and count of the company Meon.

Benefits of Automatic Marketing

  • Reduce your marketing and staffing cost with effectively.
  • Improved Conversion Rates.
  • Saves you time Increases conversions.
  • Higher ROI from Your Campaigns.
  • Strategized with Valuable Data Content Performance and Lead Generation.
  • More Cost Effective Than Traditional Marketing.
  • Compete with Large Corporations.
  • Increased revenue and average deal size.
  • Improve Your Outreach.