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What is E-mail Automation ?

Did you know that email marketing has grown to a $3 billion industry, and more than 75% of consumers choose retail brands with personalized messaging, offers, and experiences? Selecting the right automated email software can be a game-changing decision for your business. With an auto emailer, grow your revenue with targeted and engaging emails that get more customers to open, click, and buy.

Email automation is a marketing technique that allows businesses to send targeted messages automatically to their subscribers. Instead of manually creating, scheduling, and sending emails, you can create templates that generate emails at specific times and on particular days – or even right before or after a specified action. A variety of triggers can also be used for each email. So that it’s more relevant than if all emails were sent without regard to who is receiving them. Email automation is often used as an additional tool in a marketing strategy, but it can also be an effective standalone marketing tactic.

Why should you invest in Meon Email Automation Software?

If you want to take your marketing to the next level, look no further than Meon's email automation software. Our automation software helps you create and send an engaging email for your campaigns and contributes to increasing business revenue.

Our Automated email allows your business to create highly personalized emails on demand. You can provide timely notifications to your subscribers based on subscriber actions triggered by automated forms or interactions with your website, apps, and other channels. These features make it possible for businesses to follow up at moments that would otherwise be impossible – like when someone subscribes for the first time, fills out a form, or clicks on your website.

auto email

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Advantages of Meon Automated Email software

Let you give personalize the experience for your customers

Boost your customer retention rate

It makes your marketing strategy scalable

Contribute to building the most of your marketing team

Instant replies with the appropriate answers

Individual AI-based solutions instead of extended FAQs

Increase conversion rates

Deliver a 24/7 service without more workforce

As a result, automated emails have a lower open rate and click-through rate than manual emails. However, automated email has more significant potential to be more engaging because they come at a time when users have taken action. Processes like automation make your email marketing efforts more effective by ensuring that your emails reach the targeted audience at the right time. Unlike marketing automation, email automation is a tool that helps you keep control of your business. It lets you send tailored messages to specific customers based on their actions and demographics without hiring another employee. This software is ideal for boosting your sales by choosing the right time to reach your customers as they need it most. With email automation, you can send automatic emails of up-sells and incentives to your customers at precisely the right moment. Automatically promote new products, close deals on existing ones, or send personalized emails to your customers returning from a shopping trip.