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About Digi-locker

Digital locker is a fantastic digital facility that lets us store all related information, including credit card numbers, phone numbers, email addresses, and more. It is a cloud-based platform that enables companies quickly and securely store customers' documents, files, and data. At Meon Technologies, our service allows you to share files with your customers (even individuals) without worrying about the risk of internal or external security breaches. The servers are housed in a secure facility and backed by top-notch security practices such as biometrics and encryption.

How can our Digi locker be a game-changing decision for your business?

Did you know that a Digi-locker is a secure, easy-to-use, and flexible authentication system for your digital asset management platform? It enables businesses to securely store, manage and communicate with digital assets in a compliant way. A Digi-locker is an electronic lock to keep your files safe. The best part about it is that the user can be assured that their files are completely secure, away from prying eyes and even their memory card. Business owners can also benefit from this because they don't have to worry about anyone stealing their information.


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Why is Digi-locker vital for us ?

Our digilocker is the easiest way to access your files securely and conveniently. It sets up a local network among the members of your business that are using Digilocker. The administrator can manage all accounts and badges through a user-friendly interface.

A digilocker provides a safe, secure, and convenient way to access important information. It is the safest way to store company information, as it is locked away from prying eyes and can be verified by remote IDs. Individuals can use it for all businesses and target a wide range of applications, including keeping client files secure in case of theft or disaster.

Digilocker is a next-generation authentication system that allows users to login securely via a short and memorable 4-digit PIN. It stores all of your personal data on the cloud, so you can access your files wherever you go.

Digilocker is a security feature that can be added to your business website and serves as a customer vault. At Meon Technologies, our storing system gives you the freedom to access your information at any time so that you can create a secure digital workspace for your customers. It is easy for businesses to implement, with employees having access only to information relevant to their duties.