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What is E-IPO Software Solutions?

E-IPO refers to an electronic form of an initial public offering that helps brokerage companies streamline the IPO process effortlessly for their customers. It reduces the physical documentation burden and enables users to keep updated with the opening and closing dates of IPOs in the share market. They can easily apply to grab the best company's IPO opportunity directly and conveniently.


A faster, more secure, and easy-to-navigate Initial Public Offering Software.


Easy to checkout for Available IPOs

User-friendly interface, multiple language support, and application based on analysis.


Streamlined Initial Public Offering Process

The Meon eIPO online tool offers a streamlined and efficient process, reducing the complexity and time required for brokerage firms and their clients.


Enhanced Investor Engagement

With Meon ipo software, brokerage companies can provide their clients with enhanced investor engagement tools, such as real-time updates and customizable investor dashboards.

ipo software
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Bring your trading game to the next level of success.

At Meon Technologies, we have finance industry expertise and cater to unique needs with innovative and advanced Artificial intelligence technologies.


Easy to Navigate

Highly responsive Initial Public Offering Service


150+ Customers

Client satisfaction is the utmost priority.

How Does Meon IPO Software Work?

Follow Some Simple steps to apply for an Initial Offering


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is an eIPO?
A: An eIPO is an Initial Public Offering conducted electronically through an online platform or digital means, allowing investors to subscribe to shares and participate online.
Q: How is an electronic initial public offering different from a traditional IPO?
A: In a conventional IPO, shares are offered to the public through intermediaries like investment banks. In an eIPO, the entire process is conducted electronically, making it more accessible and efficient for companies and investors.
Q: Who can participate in an electronic initial offering?
A: Typically, eIPOs are open to a wide range of investors, including retail investors, institutions, and high-net-worth individuals, depending on the company's offering strategy.
Q: How can I participate in an electronic public offering?
A: To participate in an eIPO, you must register with the online platform or brokerage handling the offering. Then, you can submit your subscription for shares and make payments through the platform.
Q: Are electronic initial public offering open to international investors?
A: It depends on the company and the country's regulatory framework where the eIPO is being conducted. Some eIPOs are available to international investors, while others may be limited to domestic investors.

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