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Why E KYC Online?

Sharing sensitive information of customers through manual processes can lead to various risks for customers, such as illegal use, that is where an EKYC solution plays a significant role. It is a digital version of the Know Your Customer process, mandatory as well as important for financial authorities now-a-days.

KYC Solution

Great Features

Benefits of Aadhaar eKYC Solution


Streamline Your Digital KYC Process

Our process simplifies customer onboarding, removes the physical paper hassle, and speeds up processes for businesses and customers.


Increased Operational Efficiency

Our services automate verification, enhance efficiency and cut costs for streamlined operations.


Improved Customer Experience

Enhances satisfaction and trust and reduces time with one of the top-notch eKYC service providers.


Enhanced Security

As one of the reliable (electronic know your customer) eKYC service providers, we ensure our process is a secure and reliable method of identity verification.

How Does It Works?

Easy-to-follow eKYC Steps !


About e-KYC

What Does Meon EKYC Solution Offer?


Faster Customer Verification Process

Meon Aadhaar eKYC speeds up customer onboarding swiftly with no physical documents.


Boost Accuracy

Our EKYC service solution helps you avoid human errors while performing customer verification.


Robust Platform

Secure, encrypted authentication restricts access to authorised users for services and transactions.


Assisting over 150 clients to meet their Electronic Know Your Customer's needs.

Our digital KYC process empowers your business to open customer accounts within 5 minutes. There is no need to follow the manual process and use CDSL, NDSL, KRA, UCC, and CKYC for the auto-push.

  • We have highly skilled and experienced team members for 24/7 support.
  • Streamline your account opening procedure with a reliable and faster service provider without breaking the bank.
  • We can customise our customer verification service to match your business needs.
  • Our professionals utilise encryption techniques to secure sensitive customer information during the eKYC process.

Enjoy a seamless Electronic Know Your Customer Process under One Roof.

At Meon Technologies, we are one of the agile eKYC service providers that can help you transform your manual process into an e-KYC online, which reduces your paper burden and saves time and energy.


No Physical Document Is Needed

It uses cloud-based DigiLocker to fetch all the essential documents for the user verification.



Reduces the cost of manual customer verification and adopts future technology.



Insurance companies spend a significant amount on physical documentation to execute their various activities, from issuing new policies, changes in the policies if they occur, contract signing, and claim processing. After the announcement of IRDAI on 24 April 2020, listed insurance companies can proceed with KYC online verification using UIDAI to verify Know Your Customer details for their customers. With the help of Meon Ekyc service provider, you can cut your onboarding expenses by 90%.

  • Incorporate e KYC online into your workflow that helps to prevent fraud and money laundering and boost the insurance service infrastructure.
  • Insurance companies can use the UIDAI database to verify their customers' identities and addresses without any physical verification process.
  • If a customer's mobile number is linked to Aadhaar details, they can initiate a KYC update online using a one-time password.
  • Insurance firms can speed up their customer verification process using convenient and robust online procedures with legal boundaries.
  • With a faster KYC update online solution, insurance firms can rest assured that unauthorised persons will never misuse their customer information.


eKYC is an umbrella term that covers comprehensive areas in various industries, including healthcare. E KYC online integration into the patient registration process facilitates hospitals' quick data collection and reduces the chance of errors in the hospital system. It is convenient for both administrations to manage their customer's data and for patients to save time on the initial verification process.

  • By offering an agile and reliable way to register patients, KYC online verification elevates the healthcare departments' workflow and boosts efficiency.
  • Implementing Aadhaar eKYC in the existing healthcare business infrastructure builds trust between the organisation and the patients.
  • Incorporating an EKYC solution for hospital patients reduces the significant cost and time for identity verification.
  • eKYC service providers let the hospitals avail the power of AI and machine learning to automate the verification process of their patients.
  • Patients can verify their identity from a distance, adding a layer of convenience and accessibility.


Instead of visiting the physical bank branch, new customers can open their bank account using the KYC online service without presenting physical documents and multiple verification checks. In this process, the users must verify their identity through Aadhaar details, which is convenient and safer from unauthorised use. In addition, the new customers of the banks do not have to worry about sharing their sensitive information and reducing the waiting time.

  • eKYC service providers enable financial institutions to verify customer information from a remote location faster.
  • Aadhaar-based EKYC helps banks reduce the onboarding time for their customers and add more and more new account holders.
  • KYC Online verification is based on OTP verification that prevents unauthorised activities in the banking system.
  • After their consent, the document verification will proceed using the customer's DigiLocker account.
  • The electronic KYC requires a few minutes compared to the tedious offline customer verification process.

Capital Market

Whether users apply for a personal loan or invest in a mutual fund, they must go through a tight Know Your Customer procedure to access the services. The capital market businesses added the EKYC services into their existing business structure to provide faster and more convenient EKYC methods to open trading and demat accounts for their customers. With UIDAI database access, brokerage firms can verify the user's identity and authenticity in real time.

  • Brokerage firms leverage advanced technology to gain a competitive edge through more agile, scalable, and reliable verification methods.
  • A secured verification method contributes to a safer financial inclusion procedure and prevents fraud.
  • E KYC online accelerates the Know Your Customer process within a few minutes and hours rather than days or weeks to complete.
  • Brokerage companies do not worry about their financial restrictions and compliances and prevent the chance of any penalty.
  • eKYC solution offers a platform for brokerage firms with two-factor and multi-factor authentication.


Applying the KYC online method for e-commerce enterprises helps them verify consumer identities, boost security, and simplify the customer onboarding method. Embracing the eKYC service approach can be a game-changer for e-commerce businesses to thrive in their journey within the digital era and ensure safer transactions in the systems.

  • Applying successful digital KYC adds an extra layer of security to e-trade structures.
  • eKYC service providers offer a platform that strictly follows regulatory norms to prevent fines and unexpected penalties.
  • Advanced Aadhaar eKYC verification methods mitigate the risk of payment fraud and prevent cyber-attack threats.
  • Implementing digital KYC software into your existing business system ensures secure financial transactions.
  • EKYC solution provides seamless ID checks, EKYC and AML compliance and offers an efficient onboarding facility.


The Meon EKYC solution simplifies the customer identification process for manufacturing companies in India by reducing manual intervention and getting a seamless integration. Leverage the power of the advanced eKYC method with an advanced face-match algorithm, detect fake IDs, reduce operational costs, and boost customer satisfaction.

  • Only an authorised person can access the eKYC service facility through a registered mobile number linked with Aadhaar.
  • Aadhaar-based KYC is considered one of the most secure verification processes for the manufacturing industry businesses.
  • Collecting and verifying customer data through E-KYC online is eco-friendly and reduces unexpected costs.
  • Incorporating KYC online verification into your manufacturing business reduces the burden on your employees.
  • Businesses conducting online KYC processes for their customers experience greater privacy overall.

Real Estate

Hiring eKYC service providers is a new rage among real estate professionals and property management firms for various purposes. They use the EKYC online service for tenant screening, lease agreements, and property transactions. In addition, it is a perfect way to make a streamlined identification verification process and prevent fraudulent activities.

  • Connecting with a trustworthy eKYC provider helps you protect your real estate business against the risk of hefty fines and personal liability.
  • A faster customer verification process keeps you at the forefront of the competitive industry.
  • A quicker verification method leads to more business transactions in a secure and well-organised manner.
  • e-KYC uses advanced encryption and security measures for identity verification that set free businesses from data breaches and theft.
  • eKYC in the real estate industry provides countless benefits, such as boosting accuracy and efficiency, reducing paperwork, and enhancing customer experience.


Online eKYC process integration in the hospitality industry is crucial for hoteliers to verify their guests' identities to ensure they are genuine and their provided identity documents match accurately. These business professionals can hire eKYC service providers to simplify their electronic Know Your Customer process for hotel check-in and verification processes for car rentals.

  • Integrate eKYC into online booking platforms where guests provide their personal information during reservation.
  • Ensure eKYC processes comply with local regulations and data protection laws to safeguard guest privacy and security.
  • Integrate eKYC services with the hotel's Property Management System (PMS) to improve operational efficiency.
  • Online verification processes to authenticate the identity of guests and comply with regulatory requirements.
  • OTP verification on registered mobile ensures that the person checking in matches the identity provided during the booking process.

Still have doubts?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Aadhaar eKYC Solution?
A: eKYC stands for electronic Know Your Customer. It verifies a person's identity using electronic methods such as Aadhaar-based biometric authentication, PAN, passport, and other government-issued identity documents.
Q: What are the benefits of Aadhaar-based eKYC software?
A: Aadhaar-based eKYC software provides several benefits to businesses and individuals, including:
  • Faster verification process: It enables businesses to verify the identity of their customers in real-time, reducing the time and effort required for manual verification.
  • Increased accuracy: It eliminates errors and discrepancies in identity verification, as it relies on biometric data for authentication.
  • Reduced costs: It reduces the costs associated with manual verification and paperwork, as it is a paperless and automated process.
  • Enhanced security: It ensures the security and privacy of individuals' data by using encryption and other security measures.
Q: : How does Aadhaar-based eKYC software work?
A: Aadhaar-based eKYC software uses the Aadhaar database to authenticate an individual's identity. The individual provides their Aadhaar number and biometric data (fingerprint or iris scan) to the business, which then submits this information to the Aadhaar database for verification. The database checks the information against its records and responds to the business, indicating whether the individual's identity has been verified.
Q: Is eKYC mandatory?
A: Knowing Your Customer is mandatory for certain financial services, such as opening a bank account or investing in mutual funds. However, it is optional for all services, and some businesses may still require traditional KYC methods.
Q: What are the documents required for digital KYC?
A: Various documents, such as PAN, client image, signature, income proof, bank proof, etc., are required for digital KYC.
Q: Is Aadhaar e-KYC safe?
A: e-KYC is considered safe when implemented correctly. However, there have been instances of data breaches and identity theft, so it is important to use secure channels and follow best practices for data protection.
Q: Who can use eKYC Solution?
A: The eKYC Solution can be used by any individual or organization that needs to verify the identity of their customers, such as banks, telecom companies, insurance providers, and government agencies.
Q: Can eKYC be used for financial transactions?
A: Yes, eKYC can be used for financial transactions such as opening bank accounts, investing in mutual funds, and buying insurance policies.
Q: How is the Aadhaar eKYC process?
A: The Aadhaar e KYC online process is simple and convenient. First, you provide your Aadhaar number. Then, you receive a one-time password (OTP) on your registered mobile number. After entering the OTP, your identity gets verified instantly. It's a fast and secure way for businesses to confirm your identity without the need for physical documents.
Q: How do various industries benefit from e-KYC?
A: . Industries benefit from e-KYC in many ways! Firstly, it speeds up customer verification, making onboarding faster. Secondly, it reduces paperwork, saving time and money. Thirdly, it enhances security by verifying identities digitally. Overall, eKYC streamlines processes for industries like banking, telecom, insurance, and more, leading to improved efficiency and customer satisfaction.
Q: Who is eligible to use the Aadhaar eKYC solution?
A: Any institution or business entity that needs to swiftly and securely confirm the identity of its customers will benefit from the Aadhaar eKYC solution. Our service will help you accelerate your procedures and guarantee regulatory compliance whether you're a bank, telecom firm, insurance provider, or any other organization needing identity verification.
Q: How do I select the best eKYC service provider?
A: Selecting the best eKYC service provider is crucial for your business. Here are some points to keep in mind:
  • Reliability and Cost-effectiveness: Choose eKYC Provider with a strong track record of accuracy and dependability and also ensure it aligns with your budget while offering value for money.
  • Security and Compliance: Make sure the supplier protects sensitive data during the verification process by adhering to strict safeguards and it also adheres to all legal and regulatory requirements
  • Ease of Integration and Customer Support: To easily integrate eKYC into your current systems, with responsive customer support to address any issues or queries promptly.
  • Meon Technologies satisfies each of these requirements by offering best solutions that are dependable, safe, and compliant along with easy integration and top-notch customer service. For hassle-free eKYC services that are customized to your company's needs, choose us.
Q: What does the eKYC API Integration Software Solution offer?
A: The eKYC API Integration Software Solution from Meon Technologies offers a seamless way for businesses to integrate electronic Know Your Customer (eKYC) processes into their systems. It simplifies identity verification by connecting to Aadhaar's database, ensuring quick and accurate validation of customer information. This solution streamlines onboarding procedures, enhances security, and enables businesses to comply with regulations effortlessly.
Q: How can I initiate e KYC online?
A: To start e KYC online, simply connect with us. We provide a user-friendly platform where you input customer details and Aadhaar numbers. Then, our system initiates the verification process instantly. It's quick, efficient, and ensures regulatory compliance. Get started with Meon for hassle-free eKYC solutions today!
Q: Are private agencies permitted to employ Aadhaar eKYC?
A: Yes, private agencies are allowed to use Aadhaar eKYC for their businesses. As a trusted eKYC service provider, we ensure that private agencies can easily integrate this service into their operations. It streamlines customer verification processes, making them faster and more secure. With our solution, private agencies can enhance efficiency while to regulatory requirements, ensuring a smooth and reliable customer experience.
Q: Who offers eKYC services?
A: As a leading provider in the realm of Aadhaar eKYC services, Meon Technologies proudly offers innovative solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of businesses. Our solutions are designed to streamline identity verification processes, ensuring compliance, security, and efficiency. You can choose us as your trusted partner, and you can unlock the power of seamless eKYC solution to propel your business forward.

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