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How machine-encoded is text software vital in the current context?

With the help of optical character recognition (OCR) software , you can easily convert non-editable document formats. It lets you digitize text, typically scanning a document or picture with a camera. The initial process identifies precisely which lines of text or pixels in an image contain some specific linguistic element (character or glyph), then converts it into text or numbers.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software is an exciting advancement that allows you to turn any document into a searchable PDF. With OCR, you can effectively capture information from any paper document, such as a letter or diary, transcribe it into text, and then search for specific words or phrases. Even better, OCR software is available in many different languages and can be accessed anywhere. OCR software can be a three-step process, first converting an image into text or numbers, then decoding this text into data that represents words, characters, and phrases.

Boost in your Business’s Operations with an advanced OCR Software?

Meon's Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Software is equipped with an advanced OCR technique that can extract information from documents and images quickly and accurately without needing the expertise of a graphic designer. It is swift, accurate, and easy to use - allowing users to build custom OCR models from scratch. You can integrate with powerful API tools that enable integration with your everyday apps via APIs in a simple, intuitive interface.

The Meon AI machine encoded text software allows you to extract information from documents and images quickly and accurately. The easy-to-use app is built on advanced image processing and deep learning, enabling you to automate invoices, ID cards, receipts, or other business documents. It has some nifty integration with popular apps allowing it to be used as a convenient stand-alone solution or as a great way to combine data extracted from multiple sources in one document.


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Salient features of Meon Optical Character Recognition software

Cost-cutting-edge solutions for businesses

Easy to use

Equipped with several customization options

Modern UI

Facilitate dealing with large volumes of documents

Cognitive capture of data

Provides various documentation & support

Easy to integrate with multiple’s accounting software