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Digital PR Bot?

Digital PR Bot can be your person managing all your socialmedia profiles and Q/A Forum with regular updates, and also promoting your product to different pages, posts , tweets and posts with relevant information using AI(Artificial Intelligence).

Automatic Managing Profile

  • Posting frequent automatic Live news and update on socialmedia from internet related to business.
  • Updating with Business Brochures and information on profile.
  • Posting live photos and tweets on your business pages with your relevant information.

Automatic Managing Profile

  • Automatically post photos with tags & comments with relevent information.
  • Twitter/Linked In- Post business and real time updates on pages and re-tweets with relevant information.
  • Will manage own page and can post relevent comments on relevent pages and post with AI search backed engine.

Social Network Features

  • Find the relevant post on the social media based on the business using A.I Automatically replies in its comments with the relevant business information.
  • Push out messages in real-time. Used by media organizations to distribute content. Also in crisis communication.
  • Digital PR increases exposure of your brand by placing your content in front of a new audience. The more consumers that are aware of your brand,the more potential customers you have.
  • Manages profile of different social media with live updates and business brochures and information.

Benefits Digital PR BOT

  • More Cost Effective Than Traditional Marketing.
  • Expand Ability to Track ROI Convert Readers to Purchasers Broadcast.
  • More effective to grow your business.
  • Compete with Large Corporations.
  • It makes pre-scheduling social media posts easier and more effective.
  • Improve Your Outreach.
  • Add Credibility to Your Brand positive mention by an influencer.
  • Increase Exposure of Your Brand like Meon.