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Speed up your business workflow, and improve customer engagement with AI chatbots and electronic signatures through Aadhaar & Ekyc.

eKYC for finance

AI Chatbot: Your partner in financial success.

  • Maximize efficiency, attracting and retaining more clients.
  • Analyze user interactions, extracting valuable market trends.
  • Automate routine tasks, reducing operational costs significantly.
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eKYC for finance

Account Opening Solution: Verify customer
KYC with AI

  • No need for physical documents for account opening.
  • Open Account in 4-5 minutes with a hassle-free experience.
  • Check rejections through OCR.
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eSign: Go paperless documentation process

  • Cut paper usage, storage expenses, and environmental impact.
  • Quick, hassle-free signing improves customer experience.
  • Enable remote transactions, expanding market reach and convenience.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does eSign Aadhaar speed up the Document Process?
A: The purpose of using eSign Aadhaar is to accelerate the document process, and individuals can sign documents using their Aadhaar credentials electronically. It significantly reduces paperwork, minimizes the need for in-person signings, and expedites the entire documentation process, thereby increasing efficiency and saving time.
Q: Why should Financial Institutions Choose eKYC over Manual Customer Onboarding?
A: Financial institutions opt for eKYC (electronic Know Your Customer) over manual onboarding due to its efficiency, accuracy, and compliance with regulatory requirements. It allows for swift verification of customer identities using digital methods, reducing the need for physical documentation. In addition, it speeds up the onboarding process, enhances customer experience, and ensures adherence to regulatory standards, ultimately saving time and resources.
Q: Why Should Financial Companies Integrate eSign API to Their Existing System?
A: Integration of eSign API into the existing systems of financial companies brings numerous advantages. It allows seamless electronic signing of documents, improves operational efficiency, and provides a secure and legally compliant method for document authentication. By using eSign solutions, companies streamline their processes, reduce paperwork, ensure data integrity, and enhance overall customer service.
Q: How do eKYC and eSign contribute to a Paperless Economy?
A: eKYC and eSign play pivotal roles in the transition toward a paperless economy. eKYC allows for digital verification of customer identities, eliminating the need for physical documents, while eSign enables the electronic signing of contracts, agreements, and forms. Together, these technologies reduce reliance on paper-based documentation, promoting environmentally friendly practices, increasing operational efficiency, and significantly contributing to the reduction of paper usage in various financial transactions and processes.

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